I’m Tracey Hurst, Welcome to my short Bio. The longer Bio is easy to read and you can see photos and new videos on my Author Page which I’d really appreciate you following. As a new author it is really helpful for my published books being seen on Amazon. Please visit and follow. While on maternity leave in 2010, I started my home study Information Publishing business selling home study business DVD courses.

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When creating information products and ebooks for my own and other small businesses I often took a short break from writing and website work by doing some calligraphy which I’ve loved doing since childhood. My hands were always covered in ink stains! Over the years I learnt to create fonts, typography and creative hand lettering. Also as part of my business I was creating social graphics for other businesses so I was learning all the time and using all the different image editors and apps that became available in the then new world of social media.

Recently in 2017 I achieved an ncfe accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing with Simon Coulson at The Internet Business School which also encompassed social media and other aspects of online marketing. Having also invested in other mentoring and study bootcamps, I learned how to create and publish my own books with both best selling author Rick McMunn and Shaa Wasmund.For everything to do with colouring books I learned from Katharyne Shelton.

I taught my two young sons while doing school projects, they quickly learned to use the tools too.They both can create their own projects now,which is great as they have many years ahead for perfecting their skills at just age 7 & 9 years old. They love creating as much as I do, so our collaboration started. My sons have helped with inspiration and ideas as well as giving the thumbs up or down on each project or page. I’m keen to finish books already started in the children’s book category too, so keep an eye out for the Amazon launches, and follow my Author Page or subscribe at our website for details and all special promotions.

Currently planning and working on publishing within the business Creative Empires, many more publications, including quote books, children’s books, colouring books, calligraphy books, journals, and planners for both Businesses, Schools and Universities.

Thank you for reading my Author Bio, I really do appreciate your interest in our work here at Creative Empires and hope to be providing you with some great publications and products in 2018 and beyond.

Kind Regards

Tracey Hurst

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